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  how to make a folding burger at home For mothers who are still confused about selling ideas, this folding burger recipe can be the solution. With only a little capital and simple ingredients, you can turn this into a profitable selling idea or home business In addition, how to make it is also very easy, just 2 minutes can make 1 portion of a folding burger. With a tantalizing appearance, this burger recipe is sure to be a hit with kids. Here's how to make a burger for a selling idea: Materials : • 18 slices of white bread • 6 beef sausages • 100gr lettuce leaves • 1/2 cucumber • 150gr chili sauce • 50gr mayonnaise • 100gr margarine How to make : Prepare 6 sticks of beef sausage (can be according to taste) then peel the plastic and cut it into 3 equal parts. Each part is cut into 2 parts (for 1 sausage can be 6 pieces) then set aside. Prepare 1 cucumber and slice thinly then set aside. Prepare fresh lettuce. then cut the stem of the root and then wash it clean, the

Use this kitchen ingredient, to overcome gray hair



 The appearance of gray or white hair is often associated with aging. 

But that's not entirely true because white hair can appear at any time. 

Premature graying can appear at a young age due to various factors. Starting from stress, hair care products, unhealthy lifestyle, and others.

If this is the case, white gray hair wants to be removed immediately.

Because not only affects the appearance, it also makes the head itchy.

To treat it, many people try to get rid of gray hair by covering it with hair dye.

Hair dye can indeed cover gray hair, but it is only temporary and we have to paint the hair again if it has faded.

Or by plucking gray hair which of course will never run out due to growth in old age.

But don't worry, it turns out that gray hair can also be removed with natural ingredients.

The ingredients in your kitchen can be the solution, for example candlenut. Besides candlenut, you can also use jackfruit seeds. Curious how? See the following method.

How to get rid of gray hair with candlenut

Quoting from Tribun Manado, candlenut can remove gray hair.

Because candlenut contains oil that can blacken hair permanently.

White gray hair must be completely covered immediately if you want to use candlenut.

How to remove gray hair with candlenut is very easy to do.

First, all you have to do is burn the candlenut to get the oil.

After burning until black, puree the candlenut.

Second, prepare a clean cloth or used cloth to squeeze the finely chopped candlenut to get the oil.

This hazelnut oil is applied to the hair so that the gray hair disappears.

After applying it to your hair, let it sit for 5 hours before rinsing it off with shampoo.

For maximum results, you can apply hazelnut oil to remove gray hair 2 times a week.

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How to Get Rid of Gray Hair with Jackfruit Seeds

Quoting from Healthy Living, jackfruit seeds are one of the natural ingredients in Indonesia that can permanently remove gray hair.

In fact, removing gray hair with jackfruit seeds is very well known in India, but Indonesian people have not known about it until now.

So, therefore, let's together eradicate gray hair from the roots with jackfruit seeds that are processed like this.

First, mash the jackfruit seeds to make flour.

After that, you can mix coffee and coconut oil. This will turn it into a jackfruit seed paste.

After the jackfruit seed paste is ready, just apply it all over your hair until it's evenly distributed.

Do not forget to apply it to the roots of the hair.

after that, wait 2 hours for the content to absorb. Then rinse with shampoo and clean water.

This method is guaranteed to instantly make the gray hair disappear and be replaced with healthy and shiny hair.

for maximum results you can do the above method 3 times a week, yes.

Good luck, good luck.

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