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  how to make a folding burger at home For mothers who are still confused about selling ideas, this folding burger recipe can be the solution. With only a little capital and simple ingredients, you can turn this into a profitable selling idea or home business In addition, how to make it is also very easy, just 2 minutes can make 1 portion of a folding burger. With a tantalizing appearance, this burger recipe is sure to be a hit with kids. Here's how to make a burger for a selling idea: Materials : • 18 slices of white bread • 6 beef sausages • 100gr lettuce leaves • 1/2 cucumber • 150gr chili sauce • 50gr mayonnaise • 100gr margarine How to make : Prepare 6 sticks of beef sausage (can be according to taste) then peel the plastic and cut it into 3 equal parts. Each part is cut into 2 parts (for 1 sausage can be 6 pieces) then set aside. Prepare 1 cucumber and slice thinly then set aside. Prepare fresh lettuce. then cut the stem of the root and then wash it clean, the

How to Make Cafe-style Coffee Without a Machine


Coffee in cafes is usually made using a special machine or tool. The reason is, these machines and tools can produce more delicious coffee.
If you want to make cafe-style coffee at home but don't have a special machine or tool, there's an easier way.
You can make cafe-style coffee, specifically black coffee without sugar, using a glass pot or jar and a filter cloth.
Check out how to make cafe-style coffee without a machine from the following Food Network.

1. How to make coffee using a pot

Before making cafe-style black coffee without a machine, first prepare a pot and freshly ground coffee grounds or instant black coffee grounds. After that follow these steps:

- Boil coffee grounds over medium-high heat until boiling. Cook for two minutes. Stir occasionally.

- Remove the pot from the stove. Leave the coffee in the pot for about four minutes. The goal is to keep the coffee grounds to settle.

- Stir the coffee using a vegetable spoon or slowly pour it into a glass, making sure the pulp doesn't stick with it.

2. How to make coffee using a filter cloth

You can also brew coffee like using a V60. Just provide a glass jar and a clean filter cloth and if possible specifically for food or drinks. Follow these steps:

- Cover the glass jar with a filter cloth. The position of the filter cloth is slightly concave down for the coffee grounds container. Use a rubber band to secure the fabric.

- Place the coffee grounds on a filter cloth. Pour coffee with a little hot water slowly and in a circle. Let the coffee be extracted with hot water.

- Pour the remaining hot water until the coffee grounds are submerged. Let the coffee water drip into the glass jar.

- Lift the filter cloth. Pour the coffee into a cup or glass. Enjoy while it's hot.

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3. How to make french press coffee without tools

The method of making French press coffee is similar to brewed coffee but the extraction time is not as long as brewed coffee.

You can make French press coffee using a mug, bowl or cup, and a measuring spoon or tablespoon. Next, follow these steps:

- Put a tablespoon of coffee grounds in a bowl or cup. One tablespoon of coffee grounds produces one cup of coffee.

- Pour a little boiling water to dissolve the coffee grounds. If necessary, just stir. After that, pour the remaining hot water according to the desired portion of coffee.

- Use a spoon to press the coffee grounds to settle. Pour the coffee water slowly into the mug with the position of the hand pressing the spoon. Serve immediately.

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